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    #MeetTheTeam Hello! My name is Neha and I'm a rising sophomore from Cary, NC. I'm looking to pursue a degree in Business and Journalism while at Carolina. When I'm not busy with Bhangra Elite or Carolina For The Kids, I love reading, dancing, and hanging out in the Pit. That's all for me but check back tomorrow to meet the final three interns. #MeetTheTeam Hey everyone, my name is Tin and I'm a junior Advertising major from Wilmington, NC. By the time I graduate, I'll make sure Michael Jordan is known as the second best basketball player to attend UNC (behind yours truly.) We've got 4 more team members to introduce but I'll leave that to them individually. See you next week, #UNC19 ! #MeetTheTeam Alright, I get to introduce myself first! My name is Hannah Shaw and I'm a senior Public Relations major from Concord, NC. There isn't a movie I haven't seen, but I'm not destined to a life sitting in a dark theater - I love running in the sunshine and playing in the lake. Stay tuned to meet the rest of my teammates! #UNC19 Hey #UNC19, you better be ready to #MeetTheTeam next week because we're definitely ready to meet you! We'll be talking Meal Plans and all things dining this summer so bring on your questions. Our profiles are coming tomorrow - get pumped. 🍕🍝🍉🍣🍪🍏 Tomorrow #LNB #TheMealTheMythTheLegend Today is our Annual CDS Staff Appreciation Day! Thank you to all of our amazing CDS employees for being such dedicated and valuable members of our team. Be sure to join us in thanking our staff for everything they do, today and every day!

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