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    What have Mitch and Tin gotten themselves into now? Check out the full video on our Facebook or YouTube page #CarolinaDiningServices We've added a lot more amazing options to our dining halls for the fall semester, from a vegan station to breakfast for lunch to more specialty fruit! How do you like them 🍎🍏! 🍊 you excited to come back? We know it's not #StirFriday but we wanted to celebrate early this week. Chef Eric is whipping up some delicious Mediterranean Stir Fry goodness at TOL for lunch, check it out! #Omelet you finish, but the all-day omelet bar at Lenoir is the best! #TBT to the classic #PBandJ #foodintheair Feeling fancy today? Be sure to try our #soupandthai on for size! We've got delicious Turkey & Rice soup and Shrimp Pad Thai at #TopOfLenoir for lunch, don't miss out.