Meal Plans

Finding The Right Meal Plan For You

Welcome Tar Heels - Let's Eat! 

Each of our Residential Meal Plans offers something different, so no matter who you are or how you eat, you can find a Meal Plan that works best for your schedule and lifestyle.  Our Residential Meal Plans are annual, fall-to-spring contracts, which means you’ll pay half in the fall semester and then you'll automatically be billed for the spring semester portion of your plan. The plan you picked in the fall didn’t quite fit?  Don’t worry, you can switch plans between semesters, free of charge. 

Meal Plans

Select from one of our Unlimited or Block Meal Plans to use at either of our two all-you-care-to-eat dining halls. Once you have a Meal Plan, your student ID works like a debit card. Just swipe your card at the entrance and the meal is deducted from your Meal Plan account.  

PLUS Swipes

All of our Meal Plans now come with PLUS swipes to give you maximum flexibility and variety in your campus dining experience! 35 of your allotted meal swipes can be used as PLUS swipes in any of our on-campus retail food courts. Click here to find more information about where and when you can use your PLUS swipes. 

Dining Flex

For additional dining flexibility, Dining Flex can be used at any Carolina Dining Services (CDS) location (coffee shops, retail food courts, convenience stores, even online ordering from Chapel Hill restaurants!)  You must have a Meal Plan to purchase Dining Flex, which can be added to any Meal Plan in $50 increments by clicking here
Depending on the financial aid package, you may be able to apply financial aid toward payment of your Meal Plan and Dining Flex account.

Ready to choose the best plan for you?

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Note: Pricing listed is for 2017-2018 academic year. 

Off Campus Meal Plans are available to students living in Granville Towers, Baity Hill and Ram Village. These plans are designed to meet the needs of off campus students while offering the advantages of dining on campus. Students pledging a fraternity or sorority may opt to change their Meal Plan to an Off Campus Meal Plan within the allocated grace period. For more information on Off Campus Meal Plans and policies, please click here.