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Spring Meal Plan Reminders

Residential Meal Plans
  • Residential Meal Plans are annual contracts so you will automatically be enrolled in the same Meal Plan in the spring semester unless you decide to change it.
  • Meal Plan changes for the spring semester must be made between October 14 and January 13 online at
  • After January 13, all emergencies requiring Meal Plan changes are handled on an individual basis by the One Card Office. If the emergency results in a Meal Plan change, the student may have to pay a $50.00 processing fee. If the emergency results in a Meal Plan cancellation, the student may have to pay a $250.00 cancellation fee.
  • Any remaining Meal Swipes from the fall semester will not carry over into the spring semester.
  • Any remaining Dining Flex from the fall semester will carry over into the spring semester.
  • Unless you are enrolled in the Block 100 + $200 Dining Flex Meal Plan, you will have to manually add more Dining Flex to your account for the spring semester. You can add Dining Flex at any time at
  • You can check your remaining fall semester Meal Plan balance here. All you need is your ONYEN and password. For a detailed report, please contact the One Card Office.
Off Campus Meal Plans
  • Off Campus Meal Plans are semester contracts so you won't be automatically enrolled in a spring Meal Plan. Don't forget to sign up for your spring Meal Plan at
  • Any remaining Dining Flex from the fall semester will carry over into the spring semester even if you don't enroll in a spring semester Meal Plan. However, you will only be able to add additional Dining Flex dollars for the spring semester if you enroll in a spring semester Meal Plan or Flex Only Plan.
  • Students living off campus or in on-campus apartments such as Ram Village, Granville Towers, Odum Village and Baity Hill are eligible to purchase Off Campus Meal Plans. Students with a mandatory Greek dining plan are also eligible for Off Campus Meal Plans.

More Than Just Food

Meal Plan options allow you to take advantage of the wide variety of healthy food choices at every meal, with unique menus, recipes and ingredients that meet the tastes and needs of our diverse campus community. Carolina Dining Services (CDS) works with a Student Dining Board, comprised of ten students and five administrators who review the menus to make sure they are both appetizing and balanced to meet your needs. Dining locations are located conveniently around campus so you always have a place to meet with your friends and enjoy the variety we have to offer. Let us worry about the cooking and cleaning since you have more important things to do! A Meal Plan helps you budget your money for meals and gives you savings each day, along with the peace of mind that you're eating well. 

Meal Swipes for Dining Halls

You choose how many all-you-care-to-eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night meals you want to eat in our dining halls per week or per semester, and include them in your plan. There are many affordable Meal Plan options. Just pick the one that works best for you and you won't have to worry about carrying cash or keeping your mini fridge stocked all semester.

Dining Flex for Everything Else

You choose how many additional dollars, if any, you want to have for the semester. Dining Flex supplements your meal swipes and can be used at all CDS locations and for online delivery through Tar Heel Takeout. Dining Flex can be added in $50 increments online. Any value left in a student's Dining Flex Account at the semester's end will carry over to the next semester, provided the semesters are concurrent. Depending on your financial aid package, you can apply money that you were awarded to your Meal Plan, including your Dining Flex Account. Learn more about Meal Plan Policies.

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