Meal Plans

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Match Made in Heaven: Your Perfect Meal Plan

Each Meal Plan offers something different so you can find what works best for your schedule and lifestyle. Just so you know, our residential Meal Plans are annual contracts, but you can switch plans between semesters. Click here to sign up! Residential Meal Plans are annual contracts and will be billed to your University Student Account. You pay half in the fall semester and the Student Accounts and University Receivables Office will automatically bill you for your spring semester Meal Plan.

Meal Plans

Select from one of our Unlimited or Block Meal Plans to use at either dining hall. Once you have a Meal Plan, your student ID works like a debit card. Just swipe your card and the meal is deducted from your Meal Plan swipe account.

Dining Flex

Additional dollars you can use at all CDS locations (coffee shops, food courts, convenience stores, even online ordering.) Flex can be added to any Meal Plan online in $50 increments here
Depending on the financial aid package, you can apply money awarded to a Meal Plan, including your Dining Flex account.

PLUS Swipes

Get the most out of your Meal Plan! Available with the Unlimited PLUS Plan, PLUS swipes give you access to utilize your Meal Plan at select food courts throughout the semester. Click here to find more information about where you can use your PLUS swipes. 

Off Campus Meal Plans are available to students living in Granville Towers, Odum Village, Baity Hill and Ram Village. These plans are designed to meet the needs of off campus students while offering the advantages of dining on campus. Students pledging a fraternity or sorority may opt to change their Meal Plan to an Off Campus Meal Plan within the allocated grace period. For more information on Off Campus Meal Plans and policies, please click here. Sign ups for Off Campus Meal Plans for the fall semester will start August 01, 2015.