Spending the summer in Chapel Hill? We do not offer summer meal plans but we will have select locations open to the public. Click here for daily openings and options! Locations will accept credit cards, FLEX, and Carolina Convenience!

To-Go. Delivery. Food Trucks. Oh my!

Carolina Dining Services is excited to offer fast, convenient and delicious options for CDS Meal Plan holders!

Download the GET App for TO-GO and free Delivery of Meal Swipes to your residence hall!  Learn more 

And, you can now use your Meal Swipes at food trucks!  Details below.

  1.  Unlimited Meal Plan and Block Meal Plan participants may use a maximum of 1 Meal Swipe during allocated meal periods at select food trucks on campus from pre-selected menus (no substitutions).
  2. Meal Plan holders may still use a Plus Swipe or Meal Swipe at Top of Lenoir and Chase 15 minutes prior to or after the food truck meal plan purchase.
  3. Check dining.unc.edu and follow CDS on social media to know which food trucks will be on campus and offering Meal Swipe options.
  4. Meal Swipe options at food trucks are determined by individual food truck vendor and may not include a drink as part of the meal.  Any extra items may be paid for with credit cards, Flex or Carolina Convenience.
  5. What food trucks are participating in Meal Swipes? Visit https://dining.unc.edu/menu-hours/  and look for “Now Accepting Meal Swipes” in our Food Truck section!