What even is a PLUS Swipe? Good question! PLUS Swipes are included in every meal plan, and they’re there to give you flexibility to eat at all your faves around campus.

What is a PLUS Swipe?

A PLUS Swipe is a special type of swipe that comes included in your meal plan. You can use your allotted PLUS Swipes to enter the dining halls OR to get special combos at our retail locations (think Wendy’s, Chick-fil-A, Subway, Med Deli . . .) around campus.

We have a comprehensive list of which locations accept PLUS Swipes and what combos are being served up.

How many PLUS Swipes do I have?

All of our meal plans come with 2 PLUS Swipes (per per week) included in their total.

Where can I use my PLUS Swipes?

Lots of places! We’re constantly expanding what locations accept PLUS Swipes and what PLUS combo meals we offer based on popularity and student feedback. We have a comprehensive list of what’s new, which locations accept PLUS Swipes and what combos are being served up.

When can I use my PLUS Swipes?

If you’ve got PLUS Swipes to burn and you want to eat a PLUS Meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can use one PLUS Swipe every Meal Period as long as a location that accepts PLUS Swipes is open. Here are the Meal Periods as they pertain to PLUS Swipes:

  • Breakfast: 7AM – 11AM
  • Lunch: 11AM – 2PM
  • Late Lunch: 2PM – 5PM
  • Dinner: 5PM – 9PM
  • Late Night: 9PM – 3AM

That is to say, if you use a PLUS Swipe to grab breakfast at Alpine at 8AM, you won’t be able to use another PLUS Swipe until 11AM. So plan your second breakfasts accordingly.

Are my PLUS Swipes extra Swipes?

No – your PLUS Swipes are included in the total number of Swipes on your meal plan. For example, if you sign up for a Weekly 21, you’ve got 21 Swipes in total, and 2 of them can be used as PLUS Swipes for that week. If you’ve got 21 Swipes (2 PLUS) and you purchase a PLUS combo at Wendy’s, your total will go down to 20 Swipes (1 PLUS).

What happens if I run out of PLUS Swipes?

When you run out, you run out. Once you use all your 2 PLUS Swipes for the week, they’re gone and you’ll have to wait until they reset the following Thursday morning. Them’s the breaks.

It’s the end of the week and I’ve got extra PLUS Swipes – do they roll over to the next week?

Nope! PLUS Swipes are like Meal Swipes – they expire at the end of the week. This is a use-em-or-lose-em situation, so get swiping.

My One Card says I have no Meal Swipes left but that I have 2 PLUS Swipes left – is that right? Please say it’s right.

It’s not right, sorry. Remember how PLUS Swipes are a part of your total number of Swipes? If you’ve used all your Meal Swipes, you don’t have PLUS Swipes left to use. We know the One Card says you do . . . but . . . you don’t. We’re working on programming the One Card to tally PLUS Swipes correctly, but until then, REMEMBER: If you are out of Meal Swipes you are also out of PLUS Swipes.

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