What’s better than flex? MORE FLEX!

During special reload times during each semester, whenever you add $100 or more Dining Flex to your Meal Plan, you’ll automatically receive 10% free Bonus Flex! Sounds good? Yeah it does – reload your Dining Flex here!

Bonus Flex will appear in another “bucket” on your OneCard and can be used at all CDS dining locations. You won’t even need to do anything special at the register to use it – the OneCard will automatically pull from your Bonus Flex first, and when you run out, it will switch over to your Dining Flex.

Our current reload period starts on Monday, April 16th, 2018 and ends on Thursday, April 26th, 2018 (the day before LDOC). Reload your Dining Flex online anytime during this period to receive your Bonus Flex, or follow us on Twitter (@cdsatunc) to find out where our interns are tabling and you’ll also win a free shirt when you get your Bonus Flex! If you’re going to be here for summer session, this is also a good opportunity to load up Dining Flex so you can eat on-campus between your classes.

Got your Bonus Flex? Check your balance here! Just log in with your Onyen to see how much you’ve got left.