At UNC we like to win,
and it doesn’t stop at basketball.

We know everyone wants to be sustainable but not everyone knows how to do it. That’s why Carolina Dining Services and the Three Zeros Environmental Initiative have partnered to bring you the chance to win free basketball tickets to see either UNC vs. State, Gonzaga, or . . .  you guessed it, DUKE. All you have to do is help UNC become more green, because when the earth wins, we all win.

That’s why we’ve made it simple for you. All you have to do is eat your food, and we’ll teach you how to sort what’s left into composting, recycling, or trash. As a reward for helping us spread the susty knowledge, you get entered to win tickets!

Check out the links above to learn how to enter, the details of our contest,
and may the odds be ever in your favor, Tar Heels.