Cam & Andres are ProChef I Certified!

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Starting out 2017 right! Congratulations to Chef Cam and Chef Andres, who just passed a series of grueling tests to become ProChef I Certified.

ProChef certification takes a lot of hard work, challenging chefs to stretch their skills and perfect their culinary expertise. Chefs Cam… Read More

Flu Season Is Here, Grab a Flu Buddy!

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Temperature up? Head killing you? Coughing up a lung?! Oh no - you may have the flu!  

Misery may love company, but if you've got the flu, don't come to the dining hall -- grab a Flu Buddy!  Our Flu Buddy Program allows you to send someone to the dining halls to use… Read More

Inclement Weather Update

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Adverse Weather Alert - UNC will be operating on Condition 2 until 5PM tomorrow (Tuesday, January 10th). (UPDATED 1/9/2017 @ 5PM)

Happy Snowpacolypse, y'all! Due to inclement weather, UNC-Chapel Hill will continue operating on Condition 2 until 5PM tomorrow night … Read More

Late Night Breakfast this Wednesday!

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Exams got you down? Come take a late night study break with CDS! This Wednesday we're throwing our second Late Night Breakfast at Lenoir and the theme is GAME NIGHT! We've got Twister, Operation, Uno, Hungry Hungry Hippos, HedBanz, Connect Four, Sorry, giant Jenga, corn hole and MORE so y… Read More

We're 3-Star Green Certified!

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It's not easy being green . . . and we know, because we are! Top of Lenoir, Rams Head Dining Hall and 1.5.0., Carolina Dining Service’s local retail concept, are all officially 3-Star Certified Green Restaurants as per the Green Restaurant Association's rigorous sustainability stand… Read More

Join Us For Our New Susty Series!

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CDS takes sustainability seriously . . . and now you can learn how seriously! We are hosting our very first Susty Series this fall, where you can learn all about the different aspects of sustainability in dining. You can also taste special dishes and free samples, be entered to win Dining… Read More

All Plans Can Now Upgrade to PLUS!

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You heard right -- all of our Block and Unlimited Plans can now be upgraded to PLUS! Off Campus, On Campus . . . you name it, you can get PLUS!

What's PLUS? When you upgrade to PLUS, 35 of your Meal Swipes (25 if you've got an Off Campus plan) turn into PLUS Swipes. These swipes g… Read More