Meal Plan Policies

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  • Students must be actively enrolled at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to be eligible for a Meal Plan.
  • Meal Plans are purchased online at Charges will appear on the student’s University account billed by Student Accounts and University Receivables.
  • All of our residential Meal Plans (Unlimited,Block and PLUS upgrades) are annual contracts paid per semester. The fall portion of the contract is billed when a student first purchases the Meal Plan, and the spring semester portion is billed automatically to the student’s account for the spring semester.  The student will be billed for the same Meal Plan type in the spring semester unless the Meal Plan is changed or canceled in accordance with these policies.
  • Starting October 21, 2016, any student who did not purchase a Meal Plan in the fall may purchase a Meal Plan for the spring semester. Meal Plans can be changed or purchased online from October 21st, 2016 until January 17th, 2017.  After January 17, 2017, all spring Meal Plan purchases must be made in person at the UNC One Card Office.

  • Spring Meal Plans start at dinner Sunday, January 08, 2017 and go through Wednesday, May 10, 2017.  Meal Plans are not available for use during official University holidays and breaks.

  • PLUS Meals and Block Meal Swipes do not transfer over from semester to semester – at the end of each semester, all leftover Meal Plan swipes purchased for that semester expire. For the spring semester, swipes expire on May 10, 2017.

  • PLUS Meals may only be utilized for select meals in select CDS retail locations. A PLUS Meal may only be used once per meal period. Upon utilizing a PLUS Meal, the Meal Plan participant will be unable to access an all-you-care-to-eat dining hall (Top of Lenoir & Rams Head at Chase Hall) for fifteen minutes.


  • Dining Flex is a declining balance account that is only associated with Meal Plans, including Off Campus Meal Plans. It works like a debit plan on your One Card that can only be used for food purchases at approved CDS locations.  Dining Flex is available with all our Meal Plan options.

  • Dining Flex may be purchased online at throughout the year in increments of $50.  Charges will appear on the student’s University account billed by Student Accounts and University Receivables.

  • Dining Flex may also be used to order pizza (Domino's, Papa John's and Brenz) and wings (Wings Over Chapel Hill) as well as for Takeout Central, an online delivery program that brings local restaurants right to the student’s residence hall.

  • Dining Flex is non-refundable.  At the end of the semester, any leftover Dining Flex will be rolled over to the student’s account for the next semester. This will occur for every semester provided the student continues to be actively and consecutively enrolled at the University.  If a student is not actively enrolled in classes, unused Dining Flex from the previous semester will expire.

  • Students not actively enrolled in a Meal Plan are not eligible to add additional Dining Flex. 


  • Off Campus Meal Plans are semester contracts.  Students that sign up for a fall semester Off Campus Block or Flex Plan will not automatically be enrolled for the spring semester.  Students will need to sign up again for the spring semester between December 01, 2016 and April 7th, 2017.

  • Off Campus Meal Plans are only available to students living off campus, including students living in Ram Village, Granville Towers, Baity Hill and students in a fraternity or sorority with a required Meal Plan.


  • A student may request to change the spring portion of his/her Meal Plan up until January 17th, 2017.  Meal Plans and Dining Flex that are changed prior to January 17th, 2017 are credited back to the student’s account (on a pro-rated basis - Block Plans are pro-rated per swipe, and Unlimited Plans are pro-rated on a daily basis) at Student Accounts and University Receivables (while the new Meal Plan chosen is billed in full). There is no charge for the first change or cancellation during this time; however, there is a $50 processing fee for each change thereafter.

  • Requests to change the spring semester portion of the 2016-17 Meal Plan contract must be made online at between October 21, 2016 and January 17, 2017.  There is no charge to change the Meal Plan during this period; however, to cancel the Meal Plan there is a $250 cancellation fee.

  • After January 17th, 2017, all emergencies necessitating account changes will be handled on an individual basis by contacting the UNC One Card Office.  If this emergency results in a second Meal Plan change, the student may be required to pay a $50 processing fee.  If the emergency results in a cancellation, the student may be required to pay a $250 cancellation fee.

  • Changes to a student’s spring semester Meal Plan must be made online at


  • After January 17th, 2017, a student who pledges a fraternity or sorority with a mandatory meal program may change or cancel his/her Meal Plan.  As long as the student provides a dated official letter from the Greek organization to the One Card Office within ONE WEEK of receiving the bid, he/she will only be charged a $50 processing fee at the time of cancellation.

  • Upon change or cancellation, any Meal Plan or Dining Flex balance will be credited back (on a pro-rated basis) to the student’s account at Student Accounts and University Receivables, less the appropriate fees.
  • Students requested to cancel their Meals Plans after one week of receiving the bid will be charged a $250 cancellation fee.


  • A student who is no longer studying at UNC at the end of the fall semester for any reason (study abroad, graduation, medical leave, dismissal, etc.) has the right to cancel his/her Meal Plan for the spring semester without charge. The amount charged to the student’s account for the spring semester will be credited in full.  Students must provide documentation from the appropriate University office (the Registrar for graduation, the Study Abroad Office for semesters abroad) to the One Card Office by December 17, 2016 to receive a full spring refund.

CDS, One Card & University Policies

  • Per University policy, One Cards are non-transferable. One Cards found to be used by individuals other than the issuee are subject to immediate confiscation by CDS staff and reporting to Student Government as an honor code violation. Click here for full One Card policies.
  • For customers' safety, shirts and shoes must be worn at all times in dining facilities. Individuals not complying with this policy will be asked to leave the premises.
  • Smoking of any sort (including e-cigarettes) is forbidden in the dining facilities.  Individuals in non-compliance with this policy will be asked to leave the premises.

  • Meals taken away in to-go containers count as ONE Meal. If students wish to eat a meal in the dining hall as well as take a meal to go, they will be charged for TWO meals. Individuals abusing or in non-compliance with this policy will have their to-go privileges suspended.

  • Each Meal is valid for a single meal period in the dining halls.  Individuals who wish to remain in the dining halls over multiple meal periods may be asked to re-swipe their cards.

  • Individuals are not permitted to solicit in dining facilities.  Any individual in non-compliance with this policy will be asked to desist or leave the premises.

  • Outside posters, flyers and other printed materials are not permitted in the dining facilities.  All posted materials will either be food service or emergency/health notifications approved by CDS.

  • Individuals are expected to comply with University policies including, but not limited to, those set forth here.

Modification of Terms

  • Carolina Dining Services and the UNC One Card Office reserve the right to alter or change any statement contained herein.  A current version of these terms is available online at or by request at the UNC One Card Office located in the Daniels Building.