Recognition for Veggie Dining

The 10 Most Vegetarian Cities in the U.S.

Tobacco Road is on top of the (lettuce) pile!  The Huffington Post and GrubHub compiled a list of the top ten vegetarian cities, and Durham/Chapel Hill ranked #1 ahead of notorious veggie powerhouses Seattle, LA and San Francisco. The article gives a shout out to UNC-Chapel Hill and CDS for helping keep the South on top with veggie dining initiatives, on-campus farmers’ markets and special events for National Vegetarian Awareness Month.

How The Winners Were Determined: 

GrubHub analyzed numbers from its national database, pinpointing cities that order vegetarian dishes the most frequently. Then, the analysts looked at those orders across 100 markets for the last year, comparing the percentage of vegetarian orders per city against the national average. 

What Does the Win Mean?

We may not all be vegetarians in Chapel Hill, but we’re overwhelmingly more likely (305 percent more likely than the national average) to order vegetarian dishes. Being #1 means we’ve got access to delicious vegetarian dishes and the inclination to eat veggies and vegetarian proteins when we can, which is good for our health as well as the environment.

That’s smart eating no matter what city you’re in!