Flu Season Is Here, Grab a Flu Buddy!

Temperature up? Head killing you? Coughing up a lung?! Oh no – you may have the flu!  

Misery may love company, but if you’ve got the flu, don’t come to the dining hall — grab a Flu Buddy!  Our Flu Buddy Program allows you to send someone to the dining halls to use your dining plan for you and bring your food to you while you stay in bed and get better.  A Flu Buddy can be anyone who doesn’t show signs of flu symptoms — all you need to do for them to get food for you is fill out our Flu Buddy Form and have them present it to the cashier at the dining hall.  This will authorize them to use a meal swipe from your plan to get your food for you!

Not feeling quite up to eating full meals yet?  We also pre-package a Get Well Packs with three days worth of the sort of bland food and snacks — soups, crackers, fresh fruit, peanut butter — recommended for a person suffering from the flu.  If this option works better for you, your Flu Buddy can use the same form to pick up your kit for you at Rams Head Market. You can find out all about what’s in the pack and how much it costs on our Flu Buddy Program page.

Under the weather but not sure if you’ve got the flu or a cold?  Campus Health has a handy chart to check your symptoms.

Stay well, Tar Heels!