What even is a Meal Swipe? Good question! Your Meal Plan has three parts – Meal Swipes, PLUS Swipes and Dining Flex. Meal Swipes are the main part of your Meal Plan – every Meal Plan comes with them, so let’s get into it.

What are Meal Swipes and where can I use them?

Meal Swipes are the building blocks of your Meal Plan. Whether you get an Unlimited Plan or one of our Block Plans, you’ve got Meal Swipes. Meal Swipes are your ticket into both our all-you-care-to-eat dining halls, Chase and Top of Lenoir.

How do I use my Meal Swipes?

Once you’ve signed up for a Meal Plan, your Meal Swipes are ready to use. Simply go to either of our dining halls and swipe or scan your OneCard with the cashier at the register. That’s it! One Meal Swipe will be taken from your account, and you’re free to eat or drink anything you like while you’re in the dining hall for that swipe. Want to fill a plate with M&M cookies? We won’t tell anyone. Want seconds of some mac & cheese? Obviously you do – go for it. Our mac & cheese is insanely good (it’s made with love. And butter).

How many Meal Swipes do I have?

That depends on your Meal Plan! If you get the Unlimited Plan, you’ve got *unlimited* Meal Swipes, which means you can enter the dining halls whenever you want and never run out. If you’ve got a Block Plan, the number next to your Block Plan is the number of Meal Swipes you have for the semester. You can use them whenever and however you like, but if you’re curious about what your average meals per week might be for the semester, check this out:

Block 200: 12 Meals per Week
Block 160: 9 Meals per Week
Block 120: 7 Meals per Week
Block 100 + $200 Dining Flex: 6 Meals per Week

Can I use my Meal Swipes outside of the dining halls?

Nope, sorry! They’re just for the dining halls. You’ll want to check out our PLUS Swipes (which come with every Meal Plan!) and our Dining Flex if you want to grab a bite to eat outside of the dining halls.

What happens if I run out of Meal Swipes?

Nobody panic – if you run out of Meal Swipes, we got you. You can add Dining Flex, purchase an Add On Block or just go rogue and get into the dining halls with cash, debit or credit (MasterCard/Visa) by paying our door rate. We promise we’ll never let you get hangry.

It’s the end of the semester and I’ve got extra Meal Swipes – do they roll over to the next semester?

Nope! Meal Swipes expire at the end of the semester (check our Meal Plan Policies for the exact date of expiration for the current semester). This is a use-em-or-lose-em situation, so get swiping.


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