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Our Commitment to Safe Dining

Carolina Dining Services is excited to welcome our Tar Heels back this Spring! 

UNC-Chapel Hill is proud to be partnered with Aramark for our on-campus dining services. As such, we are working with Aramark’s strict safety processes and guidelines through EverSafe in addition to UNC Environment, Health and Safety experts on all safety process and protocol.

EverSafe is Aramark’s multidimensional safety platform designed to empower employees and guests with confidence in their safety. EverSafe is guided by 4 tenets: Total Wellbeing, Operational Impact, Frictionless Experiences, and Collaborative Expertise.

  1. Total Wellbeing: Promote a culture of wellness to cultivate a thriving community. (Thoughtful menus, ongoing education, reassurance and transparency, environmental sustainability – reusable masks, waste minimization)
  2. Operational Impact: Employ consistent, safe processes with relevant and meaningful outcomes using existing & emerging technology (Restart playbooks, deep clean programs)
  3. Frictionless Experiences: Take a human-centric approach to deliver experiences that matter. (Mobile ordering solutions, convenient meal options for grab-and-go and take-home meals)
  4. Collaborative Expertise: Embrace partners to advance learning and progress. (Partnership with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization, Jefferson Health and Steritech to enable

EverSafe was built on Aramark’s dining and facilities management expertise – in consultation with Jefferson Health’s medical and technical teams – and developed in accordance with recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and other leading health entities and reflects our commitment to the safe reopening of our dining facilities.

Per the University Guidelines on Face Masks and Physical Distancing, all patrons to these locations will be required to wear facial coverings/masks upon entering and masks may only be removed if eating or drinking. Additionally, directional signage will provide specific cues for maintaining at least 6 feet physical distance from other patrons and dining staff.

The following operational changes will be evident in all Carolina Dining operations at Lenoir and Chase and dining locations across campus.

  • To maintain physical distancing and maximum capacity requirements Dining Halls will allow one student per table.
  • Seating at all other Dining Services locations will follow physical distancing requirements.
  • Automatic hand sanitizers are available throughout dining areas.
  • All self-service food stations have been eliminated.
  • Signage promoting safe dining practices is posted throughout dining halls and convenience locations.
  • Dining tables and booths in all CDS dining locations are sanitized after each use.
  • Restrooms are cleaned hourly.
  • Carolina Dining Services employees are screened daily; symptomatic employees will not come to work or will be sent home.
  • Plexiglass barriers have been installed at cashier stands.
  • Lines at food entrances and food stations are measured off for 6-foot distance separations and CDS team members will actively monitor lines for compliance.
  • UNC Environment, Health and Safety reviews Aramark’s COVID-19 operations guidelines

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