SDB Charter

Student Dining Board Charter


Scope: Top of Lenoir, Lenoir Mainstreet, Freshens®, Rams Head Dining Hall, Rams Head Market, The Beach, Alpine Bagels®, Tar Heal Cafe, Cafe McColl, Wendy's®, Campus Catering, Meal Plans


1. Formulate and implement policies that will achieve the university's food service goals.

2. Review the Annual Plan, which includes budgets, operating hours, menus and staffing needs. Make appropriate and reasonable recommendations.

3. Assist in the design and development of new or renovated dining service facilities.

4. Assess and advocate student dining service needs.

5. Educate the student population regarding on-campus dining services.

6. Assist in the evaluation and selection of dining service contractors.

Membership 15 members

(2) SGA Appointed Undergraduates, (2) Residence Hall Association Members, (2) Graduate / Professional Students, (4) Members-at-Large from Campus Student Body, (1) University Food Service Director, Auxiliary Services, (1) General Manager - Carolina Dining Services, (1) Marketing Manager - Carolina Dining Services, (1) Director - Carolina Union, (1) Director - University Housing & Residential Life


1. Chair: elected by SDB from its student membership.

2. Meetings: Weekly during the academic year.

3. Decisions: By consensus if possible, otherwise by majority vote of quorum.

4. Any member must have been present for at least 2/3 of the regular meetings in a semester to vote in that semester.


1.1. Membership: The board shall consist of 15 voting members. The term of appointment shall be from the first day of class until the last day of class during the academic year.

1.1.1. Voting Student Members: All student members must be registered, full time students. The following students will be voting members of the Board.

1.1.2. Student Body President or designee shall appoint two students to serve on the Board.

1.1.3. The Residence Hall Association President or designee shall appoint two students to serve on the board.

1.1.4. The Graduate and Professional Student Federation President or designee shall appoint two students to serve on the board.

1.1.5. At-large Student Members: the board may appoint four students (undergraduate or graduate) who have expressed an interest in being involved in campus dining to participate on the board.

Term Limits: No upper limit on term length. Graduate students must commit a minimum of one year. It is the responsibility of each organization to send representatives to the board. Reasonable effort will be made to remind organizations to send membership; however, should members not come, the board can be filled with Students-at-Large to a maximum of 15 board members.

Meal Plan Participation on the Board: Meal plan participants on the board must be equal to or greater than the percentage of students on meal plans compared to the overall campus population e.g. 25,000 student enrollees with 5,000 meal plan holders = 20% of the board must have meal plans.

1.2. Voting Non-Student Members

1.2.1. The University Food Service Director.

1.2.2. The General Manager of Carolina Dining Services.

1.2.3. The Marketing Manager of Carolina Dining Services.

1.2.4. The Director of Housing and Residential Life: He or she may designate in writing prior to their term a designee to act in his/her behalf.

1.2.5. The Director of the Carolina Union: He or she may designate in writing prior to their term a designee to act in his/her behalf.

1.3. The Chairperson of the Board

1.3.1. Elections: The chairperson will be elected by the membership of the Board. At the first meeting of a new Board the election of the Chair will occur. To be elected, the Chair shall receive a majority of the votes of a quorum of all voting members.

1.3.2. Responsibilities of the Chair: The chair will have the following responsibilities: 1) The Chair will facilitate all Board meetings. 2) The Chair will call emergency meetings of the Board when needed. 3) The chairperson of the board may represent the studentside of dining services for all meetings, functions, etc. that requires board representation or designate a student board member to perform this function. 4) The chair may make executive decisions in the absence or inavailability of the board in good faith with the counsel of the University Food Service Director and General Manager of Carolina Dining Services.

2. 0. Procedures

2.1. Regular Meetings

2.1.1 Frequency: The Board shall meet at least once a week while school is in session. In order to fulfill the mission of the Board it is necessary to meet frequently to guarantee input in necessary decisions.

2.1.2. Determining Time: At he beginning of each semester the Board shall set the time and date for all meetings.

2.1.3. Emergency Meetings: The Chair will have the power to call emergency meetings. He or she must inform all members 24 hours prior to the start of the meeting.

2.2. Quorum: Quorum at all meetings of the Board shall consist of a majority of all eligible voting members.

2.3. Voting: All matters shall be decided by consensus when possible. Otherwise decisions will be made by a majority vote of quorum of members present.

2.4. Eligibility: To be eligible to vote one must have attended at least 2/3 of all previous regular meetings. If a member is not eligible to vote he or she may still take part in any and all discussions and board matters, except election of Chair.

2.5. Removal from Office: Any member or the Chair of the Board may be removed from office for failing to perform expected duties, including missing meetings. A 2/3 vote of all members is needed to censure, suspend, or expel any member.

2.6. Amending the By-laws

2.6.1. Adherence to the Charter: These by-laws are subject to the guidelines laid out in the Board's charter. No item in the by-laws may conflict with the charter.

2.6.2. Amendment: Any item of this document can be amended with a 2/3 vote of all eligible voting members, provided it does not conflict with the charter.