Winter Exam + Break Hours

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The days are getting shorter, the weather's getting colder, finals are looming closer . . . it's time to check our Winter Exam and Winter Break hours to keep up to date on what's open while your studying and when Winter Break finally gets here!

Our Winter Exam hours are in effect from Wednesday, December 02 until Friday, December 11.  You can check our interactive menu for the best places to grab a bite while studying, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and cdsatunc on Snapchat to check out special study breaks and destress events we're having!

Once y'all are all done with exams, it's time to take a break!  Winter Break hours are in effect from Saturday, December 12 until January 11, 2016!  If you're still on campus with us over Winter Break, we haven't abandoned you!  Check our interactive menu for the locations on campus that are keeping their doors open for hungry Tar Heels over break.

Happy holidays, y'all -- we'll see you in the New Year!