Orientation FAQs

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Welcome to the Carolina Family, Class of 2019!

 We are excited to have you here on campus this summer for Orientation and we can't wait to see you here in the fall. You probably are very curious about your dining options here at UNC and that is understandable. Dining is an integral part of college life and we are here to make it as easy and delicious as possible. You'll learn all about Carolina Dining Services (we like CDS, it's a time saver) during Orientation and you should receive a brochure with all the dining information you'll need...but here's a quick video along with a few important things to know, just to get you started!

Top 10 CDS Things to Know

  1. CDS offers two dining halls, nine food courts, 5 coffee shops, and 7 snack bars all around campus!
  2. Meal Plans are 100% voluntary! We definitely believe that there is a Meal Plan that is right for every student on campus. If you can't find a plan that fits your needs, don't worry! All of our locations accept cash, MasterCard/Visa, and UNC Expense.
  3. Meal Plans have two basic components - Meal Swipes & Dining Flex. Meal Swipes give you access to the two all-you-care-to-eat dining halls while Dining Flex is extra money that can be used at on-campus food courts, coffee shops and snack bars.
  4. We offer three Meal Plan options - Unlimited PLUS, Unlimited, and Block. Unlimited PLUS and Unlimited Meal Plans come with unlimited Meal Swipes into the dining halls and the ability to add Dining Flex (the PLUS has more, see below...) Block Plans give you a certain amount of meal swipes per semester - 200, 160, 120, & 100. The Block 100 comes packaged with $200 Dining Flex but you are able to add Dining Flex to all the Meal Plans.
  5. We lied - your Meal Plan can have up to 4 different components if you purchase the Unlimited PLUS! Along with unlimited Meal Swipes into the dining halls and the ability to add Dining Flex, the Unlimited PLUS comes with 5 guest swipes and 25 PLUS swipes. The 5 guest swipes allow the Meal Plan holder to swipe friends or family into the dining halls. The 25 PLUS swipes are good for select combos at four different food courts around campus!
  6. Signing up for your Meal Plan is almost too easy! All you need is your PID. You can sign up online at the One Card Website.
  7. You don't pay any money up front for your Meal Plan - it gets billed to your student account and is paid through tuition. This means if you have financial aid, some or all of your Meal Plan could be covered. 
  8. You have until September 01 to sign up for your Meal Plan. Once you sign up, you have until September 01 to change or cancel your Meal Plan for no penalty.
  9. Meal Plans are annual contracts so you will automatically be re-enrolled in the spring. However, you can change your spring semester Meal Plan from mid October to early January with no penalty.
  10. Living in Granville or going Greek? You are eligible to purchase Off Campus Meal Plans as well as the full Meal Plans. Check out your options here.

Still not ready to sign up? Check out the info for yourself! Meal Plan options can be found here and full policies are available here. Remember, you'll be receiving a brochure with all this information and we'll be at your Orientation session to help answer any questions that may arise. You can also contact us or give us a call at 1.800.UNC.MEAL.