Meal Plan Top 10

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Are you a first year Carolina student who still doesn't quite understand how Meal Plans work? Are you a rising senior who forgot all about Meal Plans over break and need a refresher? We've made deciphering Meal Plans easy with our Meal Plan Top 10!

  1. Your Meal Plan is active on your UNC One Card starting August 15. Any Dining Flex you may have is active on your UNC One Card starting Wednesday, August 05.
  2. Your Unlimited or Block meal swipes get you access to the two dining halls – one swipe per entry. Dining Flex can be used at any CDS location – just swipe your card and the balance is deducted from your Flex account. Guest swipes on the Unlimited PLUS plan can be used at either dining hall to treat friends or family to a meal. PLUS swipes on the Unlimited PLUS plan can be used at Wendy’s in the Student Union, Subway in Rams Head Market, McColl Grill and Einstein Bros. Bagels in Kenan-Flagler Business School for select combos.
  3. If you have a Block Meal Plan, you can use your meal swipes however you like them until you run out of swipes. You can swipe in 20 times one week, 5 the next, or you can swipe in your friends or family. If you have an Unlimited Meal Plan or Unlimited PLUS Meal Plan, you can swipe into the dining hall up to every 15 minutes without the worry of running out of swipes. Only the Meal Plan holder can use their Unlimited meal swipes to get into the dining halls; however, Unlimited PLUS Meal Plan holders can use their Guest Swipes to swipe friends or family into the dining halls.
  4. PLUS swipes are bonus swipes that come with the Unlimited PLUS Meal Plan that can be used at Wendy’s in the Student Union, Subway in Rams Head Market, McColl Grill and Einstein Bros. Bagels in Kenan-Flagler Business School for select combos. Unless otherwise stated, each combo consists of an entrée, side and 16oz fountain beverage. Look for the PLUS swipe badge at each location to find out which combos you can get with your swipes, or check our online list here. You can only use one PLUS swipe per meal period and you are unable to use a PLUS swipe and meal swipe within 15 minutes of each other.
  5. Use our online hours of operation to see what locations are open in real-time. You can also use the calendar tool and time slider to see tonight’s dinner menu or the menu for next week! Click on the menu to see exactly what’s being served with full ingredient listings and nutritional and allergen information. Use the allergen filter to remove any items that don’t fit your dietary preferences. Still want additional help? Submit a contact form and our Registered Dietitian will respond in no time!
  6. It can get a little crowded in the dining halls during peak hours. Avoid the bustle by using your reusable to-go containers, free with your Meal Plan! Grab a container when you swipe in, fill it up with your meal and then you are free to take that meal wherever you are going – to class, to your residence hall, or just to sit in the Pit with friends. Next time you swipe in, bring back the dirty container to get a new clean one! You can have up to 2 containers checked out at a time. Planning on eating a meal and then taking a meal to go? You’ll need to swipe in twice!
  7. Flu season will be upon us in no time so make sure you are prepared. If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, we insist that you use our Flu Buddy Program. Fill out the Flu Buddy form and you can let a friend use your Meal Plan to bring food to your residence hall. You can get a hot meal from the dining hall or a care package of flu-friendly meals from Rams Head Market. Leave us a question here if you want more information.
  8. Any meal swipes, guest swipes or PLUS swipes you have left at the end of the fall semester will expire on December 11, 2015 so be sure to use them up by then! Don’t worry, any Dining Flex you have left will carry over to the spring semester. Already run out of Dining Flex? Reload your account here.
  9. There are a bunch of different health and wellness resources that you have access to every day! All of our digital screens flag the top 8 allergens and have calorie, fat, protein and carb information listed for each menu item. Full ingredients, nutritionals and allergen information can be found online for all locations. Use the menu filter to remove menu items according to your dietary preferences or restrictions. Keep an eye out for the Registered Dietitian’s Pick in the dining halls, a station with a lean protein, healthy starch and at least two vegetables. Also look for the Healthy Choice, Under 500 Calories and Under 200 Calories options in our food courts and convenience stores to make healthy dining easier. Finally, our Registered Dietitian is always available and excited to meet with students to talk about all things nutrition – reach out to her here!
  10. Still don’t have your Meal Plan? Sign up now! Don’t miss out on the convenience, savings and community you enjoy with a Meal Plan. Sign up here by September 01. Need to switch your Meal Plan or decided a Meal Plan isn’t right for you? Change or cancel your Plan until September 01.

Still have some questions or concerns? Drop us a line through our contact portal, or shoot us a message on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat! Have a great fall semester, Tar Heels!