#F5KUNC - What Now?

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Feeding the 5,000 is an international campaigning event meant to shine a light on the global food waste scandal, champion the delicious solutions and catalyze the global movement against food waste. At each event, a delicious communal feast is served for 5,000 people made entirely out of food that would otherwise have been wasted, bringing together a coalition of organizations that offer the solutions to food waste and inspiring new local initiatives against food waste.

#F5KUNC was held on Wednesday, October 22 from 11am - 2pm in The Pit and Top of Lenoir Dining Hall. It was the second Feeding the 5,000 event to be held in the United States and the first event to be held by a higher education institution! Almost 11,000 pounds of food were sourced for the feast, all of which would have otherwise been wasted. Those 11,000 pounds of food turned into 675 gallons of stew, 6,000 servings of cobbler, and over 8,000 toast points. Less than 700 pounds of food were donated to the Interfaith Council at the end of meal. All in all, 7,500 people were served a free meal made of food that otherwise would have been wasted!

Although the lunch is over, #F5KUNC hasn't ended. Over one third of the world’s food is being wasted. Join the global movement against food waste. Sign the pledge to reduce your food waste and urge businesses to do the same. As Tristram Stuart, the founder of Feeding the 5,000, once said, "The great thing about food waste is that the problem is edible." 

Coming Soon! Check back here for a recap video of #F5KUNC and for more info on what you can do to help reduce your daily food waste!