Inclement Weather Update

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Adverse Weather Alert - UNC will be operating on Condition 2 until 5PM tomorrow (Tuesday, January 10th). (UPDATED 1/9/2017 @ 5PM)

Happy Snowpacolypse, y'all! Due to inclement weather, UNC-Chapel Hill will continue operating on Condition 2 until 5PM tomorrow night (Tuesday, January 10th) and will be operating on Condition 1 after that time.  We'll be keeping an eye on the weather, but for now, see below for Tuesday's hours:

•Rams Head Dining Hall - 10:30AM - midnight**

•Rams Head Market - 11AM - midnight

•Starbucks - 11AM - midnight

•Chick Fil A @ Lenoir - 10:30AM - 7PM

•Subway @ Lenoir - 10:30AM - 7PM

•Top of Lenoir Dining Hall - 5PM - 8:30PM

**Rams Head Dining Hall door rate is $7.95 + tax from opening until 5PM Tuesday

All other locations are CLOSED - check back for further updated openings and closings.

We do our very best to ensure the campus community is well cared for in the event of adverse weather conditions. However, dining services hours are subject to change based on the current weather and status of the University. Our Menus + Hours page will be updated on the hour and reflects what locations are open in real time. To see future hours, use the calendar tool and hour slider. We will also communicate modified hours on location entrances, as well as update customers via Facebook and Twitter


UNC uses three main adverse weather operating conditions:  Condition 1 (open), Condition 2 (classes canceled; University has suspended non-mandatory operations; offices are open and non-mandatory employees are expected to report to work if possible) or Condition 3 (classes canceled; offices closed). Reports of state government closings do not apply to the University. The University announces adverse weather news on, the campus information sources listed below, and through the news media.

There are several resources available for learning the current status of the University:

•ADVERSE WEATHER AND EMERGENCY PHONE LINE: Call 919.843.1234 for a recorded message on the adverse weather status for the University.

•ALERT CAROLINA SYSTEM: Employees and students will receive notifications regarding adverse weather operations via email and text message.

•WEBSITE: Adverse weather condition levels can be found on:

◦The Alert Carolina System homepage at

◦The University homepage at

•RADIO: Regarding University operations and Chapel Hill buses, tune into Radio Station WNJW, 1610 am, the Travelers Information System. WUNC (91.5 FM) will also broadcast regular announcements regarding any weather-related closings.

•TELEVISION: Most local television stations will report weather-related closings during severe weather events.