Credit Card Concerns?

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During Spring Break, UNC Finance and Administration IT staff worked with a leading third-party e-commerce provider to implement EMV chip credit card capabilities at all point-of-sale registers throughout campus. EMV chip technology is becoming the global standard for credit card and debit card payments. Chip cards increase security and minimize fraud for both the customer and the merchant.

It was discovered that a number of patrons of campus dining facilities who used credit cards for payment were erroneously charged multiple times for each transaction on Monday, March 21, and Tuesday, March 22. Our e-commerce vendor identified a bug in their system that was slowing transactions and causing these duplicate charges. A fix was implemented late Tuesday evening, March 22.

The duplicate charges were quickly identified and refunds for the erroneous charges were immediately submitted. Affected patrons do not need to contact anyone to initiate a refund request but should be aware that, depending on which bank issued your credit card, the refund may not appear on your account for up to seven days after the refund was submitted by the vendor. Please note that at no time was personal credit card information at risk due to this system bug.

The staff at Carolina Dining Services apologizes for any concern or inconvenience these erroneous charges may have caused. Our e-commerce provider has assured us that the problem is fixed and there should not be further issues. Should you have any concerns related to these charges, please contact our accounting department at or 1-800-UNC-MEAL.