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75 Best Colleges for Food

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75 Best Colleges for Food in America for 2015

The Daily Meal's Dan Myers gives a taste of what to expect from our 2015 list of the Best Colleges for Food in America. Narrowing the search down from 2,000 colleges, to 300 contenders – CDS joined the ranks as one of the top 75 highly respected colleges in the nation! Listed below are the criteria The Daily Meal used to narrow the search down the Top 75 colleges. Check out the full listing here >>>

The Daily Meal's criteria:

Nutrition and Sustainability: The college makes consistent efforts to ensure that its food is well-balanced as well as tasty, and is healthy not just for the students, but for the environment as well.

Accessibility and Service: The college accommodates all dietary preferences, has a variety of options for students to choose from, and makes sure that the dining options are conveniently located near students’ dorms. Dining program has on-campus eateries that are open late at night, and meal plans let students purchase off-campus food.

Education and Events: The college offers nutrition and culinary education to every student on campus and holds food-centered events to foster community and break the monotony of the dining experience.

Surrounding Area: Students have access to exciting and vast food options in the area surrounding the college and can access it easily. We compiled information from Yelp to grade colleges on the quality and accessibility of all the food around campuses within a five-mile radius.

The “X” Factor: These are the little extras that made our jaws drop and prove that these colleges really go above and beyond and get genuinely creative.