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Many of you may have seen me around campus, particularly in the dining halls or dorm lobbies promoting our nutrition program. Well, now that the New Year is officially here and we have all made those resolutions to get healthy, I thought this would be the perfect time to formally introduce myself. I’m Kelli Wood, the CDS Registered Dietitian. I grew up in Greensboro before moving to Raleigh to attend college at NC State. I received my master’s degree in nutrition from Meredith College, where I also completed my dietetic internship. I’ve been married for 3 years and have a silky terrier named Dallas. Not all universities are lucky enough to have a Registered Dietitian or a nutrition program for dining locations, so I encourage you to take advantage of my services.

So what are these services you ask?

I offer an open door policy for all students who want to stop by for nutrition counseling. Every semester, I see many students with food allergies who want more information about navigating the dining hall for safe foods. In cases where students are extremely limited due to having multiple food allergies, we offer special meal accommodations. The culinary team and I work very closely in meal planning, setting up pickup schedules, and training employees on reducing cross- contact during meal preparation.

If you are looking for general dietary advice and tips for staying healthy in college, I could be a great resource for you. Although the majority of students that meet with me want to discuss food allergies, I am available to discuss healthy eating, diabetes and other medical- related dietary needs, and food preferences such as vegetarianism and veganism. 

Throughout the year, I collaborate with student and campus organizations in nutrition education through cooking demos, tablings, programs, and health fairs. I’m always looking for ways to program, so if you are ever hosting an event and would like a health & wellness representative to attend, please reach out to me!

Be sure to keep a look out for me around campus and continue checking out our website for online menus, hours, and upcoming events. 


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